NITAPIL Worm Repelling Oil

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General Description: A mixture of herbal extracts in olive oil, along with essential oils, which disrupts the development of intestinal worms (that, in the initial phases, concentrate near the rectum).

Together with the Mosquitoes Repelling Oil, it can also be used to relief sub-skin parasites.



  • may prevent laying of eggs around cavities.
  • Toxic for initial development of worms.
  • may Repel adult worms.

Suggested Ingredients: garlic, lavender, cypress, niaouli, clove oil, wormwood extract, myrtle oil & extract.

Usage instructions:  Before going to bed, drip 5 ml to the rectum.  Repeat every evening from the first week after full moon, and twice weekly on the second week.

Limitations: The version for children should be used for those aged under 10.

Comments:  When very crowded, worms may reach the vagina.  In such cases, 1-3 ml should also be dripped to the vagina.