Oranit - MOUNTAIN CEDAR Sinusitis Relief Inhalation Mixture

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General Description: A mixture of aromatic oils in alcohol.  Used for:

  • Cases of advanced sinuses inflammation (congested sinuses, inflammation, headaches, etc.)
  • As an accessory product for promoting recovery, in cases of pneumonia.


  • may be Anti-bacterial.
  • may help Promote formation of secretions which drain the sinuses.
  • may help to relief headaches related to sinusitis.

Suggested Ingredients: Essential oils of eucalyptus, Biblical Hyssop (thyme species), cinnamon, and pine.

Usage instructions: The product contains a high concentration of aromatic oils; it is only intended for inhalation.  

Half a liter of water should be boiled in a small, covered pot.  Add 3-10 drops of the ORANIT Sinusitis Relief Inhalation Mixture.  Cover the pot immediately and place your face above it, covering your head with a towel.  Lift the pot cover for a few second, close your eyes, breathe the vapors (through your nose, as much as possible), and cover it again.  Repeat this every few seconds, until the water cools down and no longer produces vapors.  Do not go outdoors for at least 30 minutes after the treatment.  Close your eyes while breathing the vapors.  The mixture may cause temporary reddening of the facial skin (up to 10 minutes following the treatment); this phenomenon is not dangerous.

Limitations: Do not use for treating children aged below 10 (for them, use MASHAV Anti-Allery Inhalation Mixture instead).  The treatment may irritate the eyes, so closing the eyes during the inhalation is necessary.

Comments: It is recommended to combine the treatment with an Immune System Boosting Infusion or with an  Immune System Boosting Bath Lotion  bath lotion in cases of fear for the inflammation’s expansion, or with the Detox Infusion, in cases of prolonged or repeated inflammations.