SAGE WATER Oral Hygiene Spray

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General Description: A spray, containing aqueous herbal extracts and a relatively high concentration of essential oils


  • may strongly disinfectant
  • may instantly relieves pain.
  • may assist recovery from gum and oral-cavity diseases.
  • may leave a pleasant odor in the mouth.

Suggested ingredients: Extracts in water and alcohol (from grapes fermentation) of clove bud, savory, oregano, wormwood, sage and cinnamon bark, along with essential oils of mint, clove bud, oregano, thyme and cinnamon bark.

Usage instructions: After brushing the teeth and rinsing, spray in the mouth (about 1 ml) and brush again.  Do not rinse after spraying.  May also be applied onto the tooth brush.

Spray also on specific ulcers once they emerge.

Frequent occurrence of ulcers in the mouth may indicate a need to use the Detox Infusion.  

Affected parts of the oral cavity may additionally be fortified by massaging with the Regenerating  Oil.

Limitations: Maybe used daily, unless by children aged under 6.  For children aged 3-6: use only during periods of ulcers in the mouth.

Comments:  Suitable also for spraying into mouths of pets.